Monday, June 13, 2011

New Research on "Selling Green" to Skeptical Audiences

As a follow-up to my May 14 blog post, my friend John Marshall Roberts has published new research with the Shelton Group that  “cracks the code” on the green marketing conundrum: How do you overcome cynicism and skepticism to persuade consumers to buy sustainable products?

The research distinguishes three kinds of environmental skeptics and suggests a number of ways to reach them. Among the recommendations:
  • If possible, disarm the skeptics by showing you understand that they view the green movement as a scam.
  • Suggest that China is beating the U.S. in sustainability (or, conversely, that China doesn’t want U.S. consumers to be sustainable)
  • Focus on purity -- the lack of toxins and pollution created by your green products.
  • Avoid discussing global warming at all costs.
For the full article check out the BusinessWire:

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