Saturday, May 14, 2011

Using “Social Proof” to Sell Sustainability

John Roberts is a brilliant communicator and author of the book: "Igniting Inspiration, A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries." His recent blog post gives a practical 6-step process for delivering convincing ‘social proof’ for the urgency of sustainable behavior among a mass of mainstream folks who, as of yet, have very few socially similar role models. The answer: Applied Empathy.

Step 1:  Clearly define the target behaviors and determine target audience baseline

Step 2: Take time to find out where your audience lives

Step 3: Discover their preferred ‘cues’ for determining social proof

Step 4: Turn audience insights into behavior change strategies

Step 5:  Create and deliver social proof

Step 6: Measure, Revise, Repeat.

You can read the full post here to get some great ideas on how to ignite inspiration for the changes you want to create in the world.


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